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After losing the woman he loved, lost his 16-year marriage, I wish I did differently.
Here are 20 tips very wise of a new man to divorce. Maybe you're thinking that divorce, how men can give advice on the proper position for a husband to be. But this man went through the adversity, hard enough to understand that she needs to fight for something.
Gerald Rogers, a man in Sex Free the U.S., owners of these tips professed: "naturally, I am not an expert on love. But broken marriage has given me the experience of strangeness. I wish I could behave differently. After losing the woman he loved, lost 16-year-long marriage, these tips are also things I wish I would have done ". The advice of this man was written right in the first week you divorce and posted on the Vamshare sheet.
1. Don't ever stop flirting, dating

Remember, don't ever treat your woman lightly. When the marriage with her, you have promised that he will become the only person to own her heart and fight their best to protect her. She chose you. And that is the most sacred thing that you need to keep in mind the carved inlays. Never be lazy lazy in love.
2. Protect our own hearts

Just as when you commit become guardians of the heart for her, using a similar vigilance, you must protect your heart. Please learn to cherish yourself, extend compassion to the world but always a special in your heart, where no one can step into except your wife. Please always protect your heart ready to welcome her and turned from anyone else plan to step into the divided sentiment.
3. To love more and more

You are always changing. Will be at you is no longer the man himself at the present time. 5 years or 10 years, you'd become a different person. Everything around you will also change according to each hour. You must learn to see again all every day. Even then she will also no longer in your sidebar if you don't mind take care of her heart. She can give her feelings for someone else and gotten phăng you go. You will lose her forever. So, always fighting to win the love of her initial sessions you flirting.
4. Search out the good points of the Little Mermaid

Let's just let the mind into what you love. If just looking at things cause you sorrow, all what you get will only be sorrow. Focus on the points of her, you will be surrounded by love. You will no longer see anything other than love.
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5. Do not try to change her

Your job is to love her, embraced her man that would never have thought that love can change. If she really changed, try to love her new man regardless that you like or not.
6. Responsibility

Please bear full responsibility about their feelings. Your wife is not supposed to make you happy and can not make you sad. Let yourself seek source of fun, happy. Once there, your joy will permeate into the relationship of two people and making your love happy.
7. When resentment, don't ever blame her
When angry or frustrated, never pulled his wife out to criticize. You have to learn how to regulate their emotions. When feel resentful please plan to spirit back, taking it easy, see clearly what has made you angry and placate it.
8. Always do for her

When she's bored or in pain, you do not need to heal any wounds. Job is to hug her tight so she understands that everything's fine. Let her know that you are willing to listen to everything, that is where she can rely on. Never give away when she is ...
9. be proved a bit silly

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Do not try to be serious all the time everywhere. Let's laugh and tease her. Laughter will help make things easier.
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10. Don't be a fool

But sometimes proved absurd but you don't be a dumbass. You can't avoid these mistakes and you too but please try to avoid disastrous mistakes and learning experiences. You do not need to be perfect, just don't become too stupid guys.
11. soul-filling her every day

Learning the foreign language thing that she loved, do things makes her feel important, valuable. Ask her to write out a list of 10 favorite things. Please remember all and every day always make her feel herself to be treated like a Queen.
12. Always companion
For she is not only the time but also your mind

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