The other twin, the baby will not be the same

3/3 days, after information, Vietnam have twins, but other cases according to the results determined father of DNA, many dads who startled and call center consultants by DNA test found two twins but accidental anal not identical ... 

to put the child tested for DNA after reading the newspaper 
information was Nguyen Thi Nga - Director, Center for DNA analysis and genetic engineering (Hanoi) said in the afternoon 3/3. According to Ms. Russia, even in the morning, he telephoned the Center NH her to register as a DNA test to confirm that the twins have their child.

Anh H. married 2 years, one year ago, his wife twins were two daughters. He and his wife lived happily. But, after reading the article with another case of twins father, in his heart of paper on a suspect. Looking two children, I see them differently. 
All night after reading the article, I could not sleep and the next morning found 3/3 of the Center phone number to call for Russian women. Yourself insecure wife but as a private matter looked as no two children are alike point. He asked Mrs. H. Russia, he should seek DNA tests to determine parentage not. 

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Fraternal twins were just like brothers and sisters in the family born spaced 1-2 years. Photo: Illustrated 
Twins are not the same as two drops of water is normal
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Listen sentences his story Mrs. H. Russia has analyzed about two twins are not the same as completely normal. Twins not always the same shape as two drops of water because identical twins are identical, but fraternal twins are different in gender and appearance. Two fraternal twins and siblings in the family born spaced 1-2 years. 
Moreover, the other twin's father very rare cases. World on only 10 known cases.
She advised him Huy Nga, fraternal twins have a lot, are not uncommon. Do not read the information because of an article that hastily imposed, doubts. If the family is happy and he Huy believes his wife did not need to do DNA tests as this is an insult to the wife, can easily lead to a rift in their emotional life, affecting family relationships.

Explanation of the difference of the twins, Dr. Le Hoang, Deputy Director of the Center for National Childbirth, and Deputy Director of the Central Obstetrics Hospital also said it's completely normal. Fraternal twins, ie women fall more than 1 egg in a menstrual cycle and egg, all conceived by two different sperm so the two may differ in appearance and gender. Could be a boy, a girl or two boys, two girls, but not the same appearance as the same egg twins. 
Even identical twins one egg a sperm fertilizes, in the development phase has been split into two zygotes and formed two fetuses separately so children born can have sex and appearance similar.
* As understood, twins father very limited, therefore, the case as his family does not need too preoccupied H. After the consultation, Ms Nga said he had fun and H no longer intend to make another DNA test. 
Notes: Character names have been changed

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