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Lionel Messi decided to conquer FIFA Club World Cup in Japan land. Who resist the ambitions of Argentina superstar? But before Messi arrived in the originating, Ameri Ichinose also put our minds to "one-time experience" co-star whom she called Tsubasa. Messi has so resist the temptation of a famous JAV Idol in the industry, "film noir" Japan? 

Kagawa-known but no piece of 
Ameri Ichinose born on 09.16.1987, started to participate in pornography since 2006 with the stage name is Erika and Ayaka Misora kurisu. With endearing face, body and transcendent acting ... like truth, Ameri Ichinose quickly become one of the most famous JAV Idol cherry country. 

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Ameri small football fans from across ... Tsubasa. America's 28-year-old is also a big fan of FC Tokyo - teams are playing at J.League 1. In world football, is no exaggeration to say, Ameri also more popular than "St." Maria Ozawa . 

Actor "level 3" Japan - Ameri Ichinose. 
No. 07/2012 is recovered, while Shinji Kagawa - £ 17 million signing of Alex Ferguson has she just arrived to Man Utd, the prestigious newspaper series fog origin confirmed, girlfriend of midfielder Kagawa is she Ameri Ichinose. Japanese people shocked, because nobody expected the star who had been quiet and shy as Kagawa again dating actress Ichinose cult. Man Utd fans rejoice Assembly, because the team has "St.", the only opportunity Wags "Reds" is somewhat ... concerned with new members. 
But eventually the relationship Kagawa - Ichinose just misleading the British press. Real girlfriend Man Utd star's former Margaret Natsuki. It is mistaken because the model and TV presenter of Kagawa has a face like Ameri Ichinose distant. Such is the language rather Kagawa has only ... pieces. In an interview with Japanese media about the confusion, Ichinose said: "I was surprised and laughed when nature becomes the girlfriend of Kagawa. He is the player many fans in Japan, I think Natsuki was lucky girl. " 
"Road distant bee butterfly", Messi has "secondary meaning tào condition"? 
Shinji Kagawa but not that new idol Lionel Messi of Ameri Ichinose pitch. With Ameri, the Argentine star is ... Captain Tsubasa, characters she along tens of thousands of young Japanese admired since childhood.

Because too admire Messi, Ameri determination "must once experience" star idol Argentina during the Barcelona to Japan to play at the World Cup Championship clubs. This information is a different JAV Idol - Hitomi Tanaka, friend of Ameri revealed on S Cawaii magazine. 

Lionel Messi is the idol of "saint" black film. 
Hitomi revealed: "Ameri had planned to meet privately Lionel Messi from more than a month ago. After learning locations Barcelona stationed in Yokohama, Ameri also have VIP reservations at Yokohama Royal Park Hotel. Apart from social networking accounts, Ameri by their relationships also get phone numbers of Lionel Messi. When Ameri liked guy and planned approach, the guy that hard to escape her. " 
Yesterday, after 13 hours 16 minutes flight from El Prat stems, Messi and Barca teammate landed Yokohama, began the journey to conquer FIFA Club World Cup. But at the Yokohama Royal Park Hotel, conquering actress Messi was also ready earlier Ameri month. 
Before leaving for the Far East, Messi has posted pictures of happiness with girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo Thiago with two small children and Matteo party Christmas tree. So as to Japan, before the temptation, attractive "dead people" from Ameri Ichinose, Messi ... "sub means tào condition"? Hard-teached!

Mai - beauty of Sanfrecce Hiroshima 
Also Ameri Ichinose, also a different beauty care about FIFA Club World Cup is Saori Hara. This beautiful people begin filming "level 3" in Japan in 2009 under the alias Mai Nanami, until 2011

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