Less than 30 years old was alexis amore scared when it is "near"

Hello, doctor. I am not 30 years old, I was in trouble, and. I was often hurt, "" husband. This, I constantly feel afraid, is "close to her husband". I love my husband, only "I" is not interested. I asked the doctor how? To consult a doctor to help me, thank you! (peace)
Doctor。 Consulting: Rose

Dear friends, bring peace,

And most of the 30 years old, sister at the height of the pillow quilt "". However, there is a sister, "husband and wife" will cause not smooth, or because of you, I began to go to recession, money mark, or menopause mental disorder is very weak, the hormones. However, no more the sisters.

Less than 30 years old is afraid of "close to a husband"
Why my sister in the fault is usually in confusion of image examples.
Most of the older sisters, if the fault is considered to be in chaos. This is why boring "near the sister's husband." Behavior disorder in women can easily realize that past performance is as follows:

homemade foursome

There is no desire
The stimulation of CCD
When the relationship did not reach so high

- damage.
A woman can cause disorders of many factors, including physical and psychological reasons. The reason can be from NGU's n disease (diabetes), the hormone, menopause, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, long-term use of contraceptives, smoking...


Possible reasons include: the impact of psychological pressure on love, emotional collapse, inferiority of their body dissatisfaction or guilt, jealousy...

In this case, pain in your vagina when sexual intercourse, is likely to prove vaginal spasm caused by. This is the state and vascular spasm muscles near vulva that guanxi is very difficult. This disorder does not affect and stimulate sexual desire of women, but it can affect muscle relaxation, let the woman vagina feeling when hurt.
In order to overcome this situation, you should go to see a doctor to know the effects of in vivo hormone his disease or system or not. If the problem is from the psychological factors, the best of friends, so to balance their life history, to avoid pressure, tired...... Often open trade partner, is also a secret, improve your life.

In addition, the busy work and life can let a woman forget to take care of yourself. This is considered to be a cause of reduced severity. So whether it is busy, don't forget your friends to take care of themselves. Self confident appearance to help you find the passion of life.
I wish you soon my desire!

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