Parents have no idea what alexis love their children are doing online

Parents have little view of their children's online risk behaviors. This is evidenced by research by the Odisee University and the University of Antwerp. The Gezinsbond and Child Focus therefore launch a new education Bukkake Video package for parents.

The survey included 357 families in Flanders. Both the young and the parents were asked. "That young people, together with their mother and father, are asked about their online behavior is unique," says researcher Katrien Symons.

What turns out: parents underestimate the online risk behaviors of their children. Thus, more than 10 percent of both boys and girls allow social media to pass personal data to people they have never met. About a quarter of them says adding people they have never met personally. More than half accepts friend requests from people they do not know.

Violent and pornographic videos
Youngsters also watch online for violent and pornographic videos: 27 percent of boys say they often watch porn, Jav Rape and 42 percent of them also apply to violent movies. In girls, that percentage is lower: 6 and 25 percent respectively.

Another study shows that one in ten young people have experience with sexting. And one in ten says to ever spread a sexually-explicit photo of someone else without having permission to do so. A quarter of the girls say they have already been a victim of cyberbullying, with eight percent at the boys. Eight percent of young people add themselves to cyberbullying.

Parents not informed
Parents are not well aware of online behavior. Thus, only one in three fathers and a quarter of the mothers appear to know if their child is being crypted. Almost fifteen percent of parents realize that their children accept friend requests from unknowns. Less than ten percent of parents know that their children are watching violent movies. Fathers appear to be better informed than mothers of the behavior of their children.

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Yet his parents are Jav Anal aware of the dangers. Mothers are especially worried about cyberbullying, fathers about releasing personal information. While four out of ten believe their child is better able to cope with the dangers of the internet than other children, about half of all parents feel unable to keep their children's internet usage out of control.

There are also big differences between parents and young people about rules and appointments: while only 17 percent of parents say their child online does everything they want, 35 percent of children say everything about their parents. Discussion issues also differ: while three quarters of the mothers think that children are discussing issues online, only 29 percent of the young people say they do this effectively.

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