"Naughty" Master Christophe from alexis silver Kortenberg is Teacher of the Year

KORTENBERG - Christophe Laes van GO! Primary school Duke Jan in Kortenberg is awarded the title title Teacher of the Year 2017.

 With that price, the Classroom Classroom Facial Porn puts all teachers in the flowers for their daily efforts. Flemish Minister of Education reached the prize laureate on Wednesday afternoon.
Class was looking for a teacher from the thousands. Literally. There were more than 3,000 entries full of punitive stories from colleagues, parents and students. The Class Jury selected 200 top candidates from all provinces.


The choice finally fell to "Master Christophe" of the 6th grade GO! Primary school duke jan. "Thanks to him, our grandson Jav Beautiful is going to do gymnasium. He is now the first player at Ostend, "witnesses grandparents about Master Christophe.

Mathematical notes

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"Our master is also naughty and very honest. If he makes a mistake, he allows. He also knows a lot of maths and is very clever, "said the students.

"Christophe makes every effort to make his 25 children come to justice. He even carries out volunteer children in the homework class even outside the classroom. With GoPro cameras, for example, he teaches children traffic Jav Creampie safety, "testify to his colleagues.

Class editor-in-chief Hans Vanderspikken points out that Christophe is just one of the many. "Class sees teachers who give opportunities, boost confidence, make time and really listen, encourage students to be themselves," says Vanderspikken. "They develop strong personalities and active citizens, learn together and think critically, give strength and confidence. They often have a lasting impact on the lives of many students. "


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