Brussels can benefit hot sex movies from Brexit

Belgium is attracting interest from financial players who are looking for a fixed spot on the continent by the Brexit. That says Marcia Porn MILF De Wachter, Director of the National Bank. One paid service provider is already on their way to Brussels.

Previously, Lloyd's of London, the world's largest insurance market, already announced that it chose Brussels for the creation of its new European subsidiary. The company wants to anticipate the possible consequences of the Brexit for UK access to the European single market.

But that does not help, says De Wachter. "Several companies are currently undergoing a process of recognition at the National Bank, and this as a result of the Brexit." In addition, one company also wants to move effectively to Brussels. It's a big money remitter, an institution that makes international payments. Jav Gangbang "He has indicated that he wants to come to Belgium," said De Wachter. "And a second file is in the pipeline."

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Major employment will not bring the new financial player, it is recognized by the National Bank. "But the financial sector is also attracting other people, such as cybersecurity," explains De Wachter. The National Bank also accounts for the suction effect of Lloyd's of London and the 'money remitter'. "It's like in children. When one is born, the rest is usually easy. "

The really big fish do not come to Bussel, De Wachter admits. "The big players draw to Frankfurt and Paris. But we must not measure ourselves with them. "

Belgium is today a niche market for so-called FMIs or financial market infrastructures. It concerns providers of all kinds Jav Massage of financial services for other banks and electronic money institutions. One of the best known is Swift, which regulates payment between banks. These institutions Jav Movie choose our country because Belgium can provide them with financial and ICT-skilled workers who speak multiple languages ​​"and this to lower wages in London, Paris or Frankfurt", dixit De Wachter.

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