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Parents have no idea what alexis love their children are doing online

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Parents have little view of their children's online risk behaviors. This is evidenced by research by the Odisee University and the University of Antwerp. The Gezinsbond and Child Focus therefore launch a new education Bukkake Video package for parents.

The survey included 357 families in Flanders. Both the young and the parents were asked. "That young people, together with their mother and father, are asked about their online behavior is unique," says researcher Katrien Symons.

What turns out: parents underestimate the online risk behaviors of their children. Thus, more than 10 percent of both boys and girls allow social media to pass personal data to people they have never met. About a quarter of them says adding people they have never met personally. More than half accepts friend requests from people they do not know.


Violent and pornographic videos
Youngsters also watch online for violent and pornographic videos: 27 percent of boys say they oft…

"Naughty" Master Christophe from alexis silver Kortenberg is Teacher of the Year

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KORTENBERG - Christophe Laes van GO! Primary school Duke Jan in Kortenberg is awarded the title title Teacher of the Year 2017.

 With that price, the Classroom Classroom Facial Porn puts all teachers in the flowers for their daily efforts. Flemish Minister of Education reached the prize laureate on Wednesday afternoon.
Class was looking for a teacher from the thousands. Literally. There were more than 3,000 entries full of punitive stories from colleagues, parents and students. The Class Jury selected 200 top candidates from all provinces.


The choice finally fell to "Master Christophe" of the 6th grade GO! Primary school duke jan. "Thanks to him, our grandson Jav Beautiful is going to do gymnasium. He is now the first player at Ostend, "witnesses grandparents about Master Christophe.

Mathematical notes

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"Our master is also naughty and very honest. If he makes a mistake, he allows. He also knows a lot of maths …

Brussels can benefit hot sex movies from Brexit

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Belgium is attracting interest from financial players who are looking for a fixed spot on the continent by the Brexit. That says Marcia Porn MILF De Wachter, Director of the National Bank. One paid service provider is already on their way to Brussels.


Previously, Lloyd's of London, the world's largest insurance market, already announced that it chose Brussels for the creation of its new European subsidiary. The company wants to anticipate the possible consequences of the Brexit for UK access to the European single market.

But that does not help, says De Wachter. "Several companies are currently undergoing a process of recognition at the National Bank, and this as a result of the Brexit." In addition, one company also wants to move effectively to Brussels. It's a big money remitter, an institution that makes international payments. Jav Gangbang "He has indicated that he wants to come to Belgium," said De Wachter. "And a…